We leave Oslo June 1st, and from that day you can follow our expedition to summit Denali here.

We will be carrying a GPS pransmitter/receiver, which allows us to send and receive short updates via sattelite. This is how we wills tay connected, as there are absolutely no cell phone coverage where we are going.

How to follow us:

To follow us, you can either activly visit this wite to check up on our progress, or you could subscribe to our facebook page, to get the latest updates directly in your facebook newsfeed.

The facebook postings will consiste of a short status update, along with a route map showing our current camp, and the part of the route we have already covered.

Our GPS device will also be transmitting our current location in every 10 minutes when we are on the move, so you can track us close to real time on the map showed here!

Unfortunately, the satellite communication won't allow us to send photo or video content while on the mountain. We hope you will stay put so you can enjoy the visuals we will bring back with us! 

© 2017 by Andreas Ebbesen

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