We are currently in Pakistan where the goal is to climb an unclimbed 6000m peak. The area of interest is the Shimshal region, north east in the country.

You can follow our GPS progress here: 


and we will share updates with pictures and text on the facebook page

"Torkjel Hurtig - Mountaineer"

Johannes Larsen Dyhre, Torkjel Hurtig and Andreas Ebbesen

First Ascent Pakistan 2019


April 5, 2017

What happens at what time? When do I arrive at Everest Base Camp? When do I expect to summit?

The planned itinerary for the Everest (south side) expedition is as follows, but will of course depend on both form and conditions:

Day       Date...

November 10, 2016

Denali offers challenges in all aspects of a real mountain expedition - cold, winds, high altitudes and intricate logistics. Read about our pre-climb thoughts and how we prepared for our expedition in June 2016.

April 13, 2016

Our Denali expedition is getting closer and closer, and three weeks ago, we packed all our stuff and headed to Hurrungane, the western part of Jotunheimen national park! The idea was to train, test gear and drill some of the routines for our upcoming expedition, and po...

One of my highest goals in life is to be in the position where I can say “yes” to every kind of adventure. Regardless of when, where and how, I want to know that I have the experience and knowledge to manage the risk involved to a level where I can enjoy the adventure....

January 19, 2016

An important milestone is reached in life when you start a blog. This blog will not contain daily updates about the outfit of today, my meals, my beauty products nor my newest fashion accessories.


The intent is rather to create a platform for sharing experiences, advic...

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